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Caitlyn Connors - Breakaway Farm

Breakaway Farm

Coming to BreakAway Farm there is no set program because no two riders or two horses are the same.  Caitlyn and Roberto are both involved in all aspects of a horse’s daily care and design programs specific to each horse’s individual training and development needs.

Breakaway Farm, Wellington FL - Caitlyn Connors LLC

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BreakAway Farm

Breakaway Farm, Wellington FL - Caitlyn Connors LLC

Looking to sell your horse?
BreakAway Farm can make the difference.


Have BreakAway Farm represent your horse and utilize our extensive network.​

  • Have your horses listed on our website.

  • Promotion through our social media channels:

    • 10,000 + Instagram Followers​

    • 1,000 + Facebook Followers

  • Utilize our trainer contact list.​


Get your horse in the show ring with BreakAway Farm.​

  • Send your horse to BreakAway Farm to sell.

  • Utilize Breakaway Farm's extensive show schedule.

  • Send us a message to learn more about arrangements!


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