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Malvern Bank’s Young Professional Spotlight: Rising Star Caitlyn Connors


We’ve all had those moments when either a horse—or a rider—really catches our eye. And sometimes, on special occasions, they both do. This happened to me recently, when I found myself a spectator at a U/25 Division event. A beautiful bay and a poised young rider were in the International Ring at WEF, and it looked effortless (an impressive feat, considering how competitive the U/25 division is, and how talented the next generation of top show jumpers are). They were a delightful pair to watch, and it was the kind of trip around the ring that makes you smile, full of grace and dynamism. The horse clearly enjoyed what he was doing, and the rider was largely to thank for it. Intrigued, I stopped to watch the rest of the course—a lovely clear. It turns out the jockey was Caitlyn Connors.

While it was my first time watching her in person, I was no stranger to her name. Caitlyn has been quietly collecting top accolades in the U/25 division, where she’s also been turning heads with her signature stylish aesthetic.

Since witnessing her trip around the ring that stopped me where I stood, I’ve been lucky enough to have a few conversations with Caitlyn. And I’ve learned that this elegant young rider is one to watch both inside and outside the arena. It turns out her noticeable sense of style is not just a function of her keen eye for fashion. It’s due to her keen eye for business, as well. Caitlyn proudly sits in her bespoke Hermes saddle and wears her tailored Hermes jackets for a reason. While Caitlyn has been developing young horses with her trainer—international grand prix rider Roberto Teran—she has also established the partnership of her dreams with global fashion leader, Hermes, and this partnership is expanding beyond the show ring.



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