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If it's your first children's jumper or you are looking for your next Grand Prix prospect, BreakAway Farm can support you in your journey. 

BreakAway Farm's knowledge and connections can guide you in finding the right horse. Whether it is one of our personal sale horses or one through out network, the horses we can help you find will meet your expectations and level of riding.

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Available for Lease Until 12/1/2021

Don't Worry Z (Bean)

USEF #: 5606802

Don't Worry Z came to BreakAway Farm from Alonso Prado Valdez and has competed with Caitlyn from the 1.20m all the way to the CSI 2* 1.45m.

Don't Worry Z
Don't Worry Z
Winnie(Nadiola VD Bisschop) 
Winnie is an 8 year old BEL warmblood. She came to BreakAway a little over a month ago from Belgium. She has fit in perfectly with our horses and program. Caitlyn fell in love with how brave she is and how much heart she has. She is currently jumping the 1.30m’s and we are hoping to move up with her soon!
Claribel La Quadra

Claribel is one of the most talented young horses we have worked with since starting our business. She is extremely careful, brave and always willing to learn. Claribel has walked right into some of the Nation’s spookiest international rings without batting an eye.


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At BreakAway Farm, the care and love of our horses always comes first. Learn more about BreakAway Farm's current mounts.
Caitlyn's Horses
Express Blue GP Du Bois Madame
BreakAway Farm received Blue from a trade when he was 6 years old and jumping .65m. Five years later, "Blue" is Caitlyn Connors's top FEI Grand Prix Mount.
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Bink was Caitlyn's first horse and she has had him since he was 6 years old. Purchased to compete in the High Children Jumpers, Bink also competed in the hunter and equitation rings as well. 
Escada 289
Caitlyn just received Escada in November 2021 to have as her new Grand Prix mount. The BreakAway Team is so excited to have such an outstanding mare in our barn and we can not wait to see what the future holds for this pair. 
Roberto's Horse
Des' Ooktoff
Des' Ooktoff is one of the newer horses at BreakAway farm. Owned by Roberto, Dez has competed in the FEI classes and had top placings in some of the Tokyo Qualifiers. 

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